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Betta Fish
Betta fish or also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish are aggressive freshwater fish of the family Osphronemidae (the family of Gourami fish). 
They are native of Laos,Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.
Their scientific name is Betta splendens.
Their body have various colors which make them suitable to be put in an aquarium as a room decoration.
Their beautiful appearance have become such attraction worth to be contested. Betta fish can grow to the maximum size of 6.5 cm.
They are considered to be the smallest in their family. Nowadays they can be found in many different colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, black, white and even metalic. But their natural colors are actually dull green, brown and gray.
Their variety of colors are the result of hybridization.
Their fins are very long and colorful. The breeding process resulted in several different fin's shape and scale variations that we can find today.
Some of the most popular name for their fins are: Crown tail, Half-moon, Rose tail, Feather tail, Double tail or Full-moon, Delta tail and Half-sun. Male bettas will flare their gills and spread their fins whenever they are interested in a female or when there is a threat of other male bettas.
They feed on zooplankton, larvae, mosquito, bloodworms and other water-bound insects.
They are actually insectivores so they do not naturally consume vegetation.
They are very aggressive especially when two males are placed in a vessel, they may attack each other until one of them is dead. Some betta fish are known as mouth breeder which means that they keep their eggs inside their mouth until it hatch.
The other betta fish will build some kind of bubble nest to keep their eggs.


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